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Switzerland Power Cords Swiss SEV NY-SEV02 IEC C5
Switzerland Power Cords Type J power cords are black ,white as standard color. Switzerland power cords in gray or other color,Custom length and shielded Switzer...
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Product Info
Product Description

Switzerland Power Cords Type J power cords are black ,white as standard color. Switzerland power cords in gray or other color,Custom length and shielded Switzerland power cords available. Straight,Right angle ,left angle version plugs are available. Terminated, custom stripping, hanked Switzerland cords available. IEC 60320 C-15 120⁰C connector available on some Switzerland power cords.Switzerland detachable power cords and power supply cords supplied by Cablesgo. meets Switzerland specific standards and current REACH and RoHS requirements. Type J terminology, indicated above for Switzerland power cord plugs, is an alphabetical letter classification coding system used primarily for quickly identifying the electrical configuration of plugs, receptacles and power cords sets used in Switzerland.

Switzerland Power Cord manufacturers and supplies electrical devices for use in Switzerland and all Countries in the world. Our extensive and complete Switzerland product line includes power receptacle outlets, RCD GFCI receptacle outlets, weatherproof receptacle outlets, sockets, multiple outlet power strips, power supply cords, light fixtures, MCB circuit breakers, electrical panels, power cable wire, plug adapters and transformers. Contact us for Switzerland electrical devices and power cords.

Swiss power cord products with ESTI certification built to SEV 1011 and IEC standards for Switzerland power cord applications fully molded high quality cords and RoHS,REACH compliant as China leading Swiss power supply cord manufacturer and supplier.

The quality is good,Durable,Environmental protection
Specifications Info
  • (Model)
    NY-SEV02 IEC C5
  • (Voltage)
  • (Amperage)
  • (Frequency)
  • (Models Structure)
    PVC PLUG TYPE 2P-E / 2 poles 2 wires
  • (Conductor Structure)
    2 Poles 2 Wires
  • (Temperature Rating)
  • (Weight)
  • (Color)
    Black is standard but any color available,Custom color
  • (Cable Length)
    1.0 meter, 1.5m, 1.8m,custom length
Material Info
  • (Outer Mold Material)
  • (Plug Insert Material)
    PBT, ABS
  • (Blade Material)
    Nickel Coated Brass
  • (Wire Jacket Material)
    PVC, Rubber, TPE, Textile
  • (Copper Conductor Material)
    Oxygen free copper (OFCU)
Quality Info
  • (Approvals)
  • (Standard)
  • (Quality System)
  • (Testing)
  • (Environmental Compliance)
More and more
  • (End Options)
    IEC C5 C7
  • (Patent)
  • (Country of Origin)
    Made in China
Adapter Cables

SAA AS3191 V-75 250V/250V 2x0.5-0.75 3x0.5-0.75,

SAA AS3191 V-75 250V/440V 2x0.75-1.0 2~5x0.75-2.5,

SAA AS3191 V-75 600V/1KV 2x0.75-1.5 3x1.0-2.5,

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